5 Ways to End the Year on a High Note

Avoid that end-of-year productivity slump by working smart and staying strong.
Here's how:
1. Reset. Back in January you started with a list of good intentions, but now you've fallen into bad habits. Choose one area to improve, and work on it daily. Examples: Get up 15 minutes earlier, tackle your toughest task first, give one compliment each day, etc.
2. Get help. Ask someone to be your mentor or your partner. It's easier to be productive when you have someone to turn to for advice, and you'll stay accountable when others are watching your efforts.
3. Build enthusiasm. Visualize how great you'll feel once your space is clean, your project is completed or you've lost weight. Set up a reward system so you can celebrate along the way to reaching your goals.
4. Start small. Tackle one tiny piece of your goal every day so you're always moving forward.
5. Be positive. Take time to have fun, exercise, eat well and enjoy life. It's tough to stay in a slump when you feel great.


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