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Carriere Motion Appliance

Carriere Motion Appliance in Clear
We have incorporated into our practice a new appliance that has been received by our patients with raving reviews.  The motion appliance comes in clear or metal and corrects the patient's bite.  This sleek, comfortable correction appliance was designed with the patient in mind.

There are many benefits for our patients.  The appliance is placed before braces or aligners which allows for less time in braces or aligners.  Elastics are worn at the beginning of treatment when the patient is excited to start treatment. Therefore, the patient is more compliant.  The unique design is aesthetically pleasing and hardly noticeable in the mouth.  The quality of the patient's speech is not affected unlike other traditional orthodontic appliances.  The low profile and smooth surface makes the motion appliance comfortable to wear; there is no poking of the lips or cheeks.  The appliance is easy to clean and it is very easy to brush the teeth, resulting in g…

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