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Easy Financing for Your Orthodontic Treatment Investment
When you think about choosing the right provider for your orthodontic care, there is a lot to consider.  You want to feel good about your choice. You want to know that you will have the best experience with the latest technologies.  You want to know that the treatment investment will be affordable and fit within your budget. We want the same for you.  That is why in our office you won't have to choose between the best provider and a payment you can afford.  You will get both! We have partnered with a company called OrthoFi so that now the power is in your hands to design a payment plan that fits your budget.

Using the OrthoFi slider, you can choose your down payment and the monthly payment that will fit within your budget.  You can also see the money you can save if you choose to pay in full.  The options for payment are for you alone to choose.  No payment plan will be dictated to you. If one of the decision makers in your famil…

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