When Do I Get My Braces Off?

One of the most common questions at our office is “when do I get my braces off?”  We want to answer that question with the shortest treatment time available for each patient.  As you know, we have been using the Damon System which has given our mutual patients great comfort, as well as, shorter treatment time.  When we find new technology that we feel will be effective for the patient and work well with the Damon System, we are excited to offer it to patients.

We are now treating patients with SureSmile.  This system offers: shorter treatment times, fewer office visits, and less overall discomfort due to fewer wire changes.  With SureSmile, we will still deliver outstanding treatment results, but with less time and trouble for the patient.    

It starts with a 3-D camera that takes pictures of the patient’s teeth and produces a 3-D model to plan treatment.  After determining tooth positioning, special custom-made wires are ordered to move the teeth precisely to target area positions.

On average, SureSmile patients are finishing treatment 35-40% faster than conventionally treated patients.  This system will enhance our already established Damon System.  You may visit our website for more information: www.braceyoursmile.com If you have considered braces but wanted a shorter treatment time, SureSmile is perfect for you no matter what age.


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