Continuing Education for Dr. Perry Stevenson and Team

In the middle of February, our team attended the Damon Forum in order to improve our skills in using the Damon Brace System.  We came back from the meeting with affirmation that Damon Braces are the best method for shorter treatment time and more comfort for the patient because low forces are used to move the teeth.  We enhanced our techniques in the Advansync Molar to Molar System that corrects the bite without having to wear outdated headgear.

Dr. Stevenson also was able to attend the SureSmile Meeting later in February for further education of the SureSmile System. This system allows Dr. Stevenson to plan the movement of the teeth with a 3-D model of the patients teeth.  Once Dr. Stevenson finalizes the patients unique prescription, the wires are bent by a robot.  When the wire is inserted, each tooth moves directly to the prescribed position.  This procedure also shortens the length of the treatment time and works perfectly with the Damon Braces.

Coming March 4th-April 10th, 2103 our office is launching an Invisalign campaign with huge discounts for the patients.  Check out our blog early in March with all the details!



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