Gone Are the Days of the "Metal Mouth"

As many of you know who are in current treatment or have recently finished treatment, gone are the days of the "metal mouth."  Innovations in orthodontic therapy have helped to improve patient acceptance.  The new aesthetics of orthodontics have had a huge following by adult patients, as well as, teenage patients.  There are three new aesthetic advances that have influenced the orthodontic industry and have made it much easier for patients to have their teeth aligned.

Frist is that of aligner technology which uses computer-generated removable positioning devices to straighten teeth.  Of course Invisalign is the aligner technology that everyone is most familiar with.
This technology is less invasive, is not necessarily based on the growth or maturation of the patient, and helps to move the teeth in a more aesthetic manner.  Since the technology has greatly improved over the last 15-20 years, patients of all ages now have truly almost invisible aligners to move and shape their new smile.

Second is the use of "clear" braces.  The clear braces are made of tooth-colored ceramic and provide the same treatment as metal braces but are nearly invisible.  This makes a good choice for the teenager or adult patient who wishes for a more aesthetic appearance.

Third is the use of lingual braces.  Lingual braces are placed on the back side of the teeth next to the tongue.  Although this system of braces is highly aesthetic, there is difficulty in the tongue adjusting to hitting the braces.  Lingual braces may cause speech problems in some patients, as well as, difficulty in chewing.

With orthodontic treatment, oral health conditions that in the past may have been considered difficult, invasive, or time consuming to treat can  now be addressed easily.  Braces and aligners of this century are indeed easier to wear, provide the aesthetics that patients are looking for, and require less treatment time than the old "metal mouth" of the past.


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