Options for Orthodontic Treatment

Patients have several options when they choose to start orthodontics with Dr. Stevenson.  We offer the Damon Brace System which uses low forces to move the teeth with fewer trips to the office and a quicker treatment time.  Damon Braces come in traditional silver metal braces and in clear as well.  Damon Clear braces are very aesthetically pleasing.

 If braces are not a choice for you, we also offer Invisalign and Invisalign Teen.  They are clear aligners that are worn 24/7 except when eating and brushing.  This is a good way to go if you want your orthodontic treatment to be nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Lastly we offer SureSmile which is used along with the Damon Brace System.  This is a digital orthodontic treatment that allows Dr. Stevenson to plan your treatment using a 3-D model of your teeth.  He will use the model of your teeth along with SureSmile computer simulations to determine the best treatment plan.  Once Dr. Stevenson finalizes your unique prescription, a SureSmile wire is custom-shaped by a robot.  When the wire is inserted, each tooth moves directly to the prescribed position.  It’s this precise movement that enables such great results with a shorter treatment time.

Besides the state of the art treatment choices Dr. Stevenson offers, you will also receive “So Much More than a Smile.”  Our team is dedicated to give you the best customer service in a caring environment where our patients and their families are the primary focus; where quality, innovative treatment is delivered; and where our lives and the lives of our patients are enriched for having shared a common goal.


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