The Importance of Retainer Wear

Wearing retainers is as equally important as was your treatment with Damon Braces or Invisalign. It is during this phase that your teeth are held or retained in their new positions. This retention phase also allows your teeth to "settle" into their new home. It is very important to wear the retainers as Dr. Stevenson recommends. This will insure that your new smile will stay that way.

There are exceptions to the rule but generally we bond or glue a fixed or permanent retainer behind your lower front teeth. This retainer is called a permanent retainer because you are unable to remove it until we remove it for you. This retainer usually stays in the mouth forever. If for some reason you desire to have it removed, please contact our office so we may help you.

The upper retainer is a clear removable retainer. The clear retainer is worn 24 hours a day for 8 weeks except when eating. After the the first retainer check appointment, if everything looks good, the removable clear retainer can then be worn during the night time hours for the next 1-2 years. Eventually, the clear retainer is only worn a couple of nights per week.

Since the lower retainer is glued to the teeth, care should be taken when biting into hard foods. Hard foods may dislodge the glue. Apples and carrots should still be sliced before eating. If the retainer comes loose, please call the office the next business day so we may reattach it. If the entire retainer should come out, please save it and we will reattach it. Teeth may move if the retainer is left unattached too long.

If the clear removable retainer should be lost or broken, it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Please call the office the next business day so we may make a new one for you.

Be careful with the retainers as there is a cost involved in repairing for replacing retainers. Costs to replace both retainers is $75 each. A repair on the lower retainer is $45. Enjoy your fabulous new smile and remember to wear your retainers faithfully to ensure that your smile will stay fabulous!


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